“What we do in our present day, will create our yesterdays and our tomorrows…always be mindful of your actions.” —Mama Lu’ & Papa Deuw—

Keeping Our Ancestors’ Legacy Torch Lit.

“Continuing our legacy of social change by uplifting, strengthening, and restoring family values as the first foundation of every successful household.”

We owe our success first to our Ancient, Higher- Spiritual-Being Ancestors; without them there would be no US. And, the dedication and unrelenting efforts and loyalty of our members, volunteers, our 9-5’ers who took the leap and left their soul-robbing day jobs to gladly join our cause, the Great Elder Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents who cooked and shared homemade meals/recipes/tips, the mighty fundraisers, and community “door-knockers.” A small, but MIGHTY commUNITY!

All that we are…all that we’ll ever be, we owe the greatest gratitude to all of you who continue rolling up your sleeves to achieve set goals in making our organization a success. Thank you!

Papa Deuw & Mama Lu became Pillars of their Small-Town Community. They built The Bridge so that we may cross; we are the manifestation of their work. And, we proudly walk across…the legacy continues!

DISCLAIMER: DEUW LULANG-FORD FOUNDATION, INC. is committed to maintaining your trust by respecting and protecting your privacy. This Privacy Notice highlights how we collect, use, and protect personal data and the choices you have. Attendees of our workshops/classes earn valuable skills, knowledge, and techniques. Our programs are not designed to serve as stand-alone vocational training and will not prepare you for gainful employment. These programs are designed specifically for personal/professional life-enhancement, self-improvement solutions.

DEUW LULANG-FORD FOUNDATION, INC. member benefits are provided SOLELY by us; NOT 3rd-party providers, contractors, or freelancers. Our privacy policy prohibits us from sharing your information with any outside third parties. Also, we do not store ANY of our member’s information in “the cloud” or with online websites which become vulnerable to “data hacking”, “identity theft”, or “data breaches.” All data is strictly in-house and offline. In addition, we do not overload your snail mail or spam you with endless emails, literature, advertisers, celebrity endorsements, or “junk” mail. Our on-site/off-site Records & Documents Disposal, Storage, and Shredding Compliance Program ensure that our member’s information is safe from the day of Creation to the final Destruction Date. We don’t “pass the buck”; we hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE for your information.


Our members receive one-on-one workshop assistance in the areas of holistic health, gardening clubs, book and writers clubs, educational services, and many more.

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